Dog Day Care & Puppy Crèche


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Our transparent, spacious and cage-free environments are perfect for providing dogs with the physical and mental stimulation they need.  By spending the day at our indoor dog day care centre, K9 clients enjoy:

  • 2 x 20-30 minute walks per day in Rushcutters Bay Park, play sessions, and naptime
  • Spending time with like-minded canine playmates (three separate play areas ensure our day care dogs are grouped according to temperament)
  • Plenty of cuddles and love from our experienced dog day care attendants whom are on the floor with the dogs at all times
  • Separate areas for dogs divided by dog size & energy levels to make everyone feel comfortable & happy
  • Knowing that they will never have to go on a waiting list for a bath
  • Our pick up and drop off service (for an additional fee)
  • Knowing that all of our staff practice positive reinforcement techniques
  • Extended opening hours from 7.30am to 7.00pm
  • Membership of The Pedigree Club (for an additional fee)
  • Knowing that their safety is our number one priority

At Happy Paws Fitness, we get to know each one of our dogs (and their parents) personally.  We know their names, their habits, their dispositions, and who their best friends are.  In fact, we make it our mission, to get to know your dog just as well as you do!  And as proud members of both the Pet Industry Association of Australia and Pets Australia, you can feel rest assured that your K9 will be looked after by a team that adheres to industry best practices and standards.

Enrolment requirements

In order to enrol in the Happy Paws Fitness doggy day care program, all dogs must:

  • Pass an onsite behavioural and temperament assessment
  • Hold a current C5 vaccination certificate
  • Be spayed or neutered (puppies can remain unaltered and come to day care until they are 7 months old)

The assessment

It is mandatory for all dogs to undertake a behavioural assessment before they can be enrolled in doggy day care at Happy Paws Fitness.  Our number one priority is the safety of our staff and canines and we therefore need to ensure that any new dogs are free from aggressive and anti-social behaviours.  The assessment involves you bringing your dog to us for 20 minutes while we monitor his or her behaviour.  While all this happens, we will get you to fill out some brief paper work with some important information about you and your pup.  Provided the assessment is passed, you will be welcome to leave your K9 with us for the day or otherwise you will be free to book in whenever you desire!


The puppy crèche area

At Happy Paws Fitness, we understand the time, commitment and responsibility that comes with owning a puppy!  Not everyone has the luxury of being able to take time of work to take care of and look after his or her new K9 addition to the family.  Happy Paws Fitness can provide puppy owners with the comfort of knowing that their puppy is being looked after and monitored during the day.

We require that all dogs be a minimum of 8 weeks of age and have had their second set of vaccinations.  At Happy Paws Fitness, we recognise that young puppies need to be segregated from older dogs and require a lot more sleep during the day compared to adult dogs.  As a result, we have a designated “puppy crèche” area that is completely separate to where the adult dogs are housed, where our younger members spend time socialising with the puppy-loving Happy Paws Fitness staff and catching up on some much needed sleep!


Walking Safety

All Dog daycare group walks are on lead only, and in groups of up to 4 dogs at a time.
In extreme weather conditions, daycare walks will either be postponed or modified to account for the conditions. This includes temperatures of over 34C , storms and heavy rain showers.


Drop Off & Pick Up Times

Morning- Opening time is 7.30am

Evening- Closing time is 7pm – Please aim to collect your dog by 6.50m at the latest

*Pick ups after 7pm may incur a late fee (see price list page). If you are running late for pick up, please call ahead to let us know


Pet Taxi for Daycare Transfers

Pick Up -Please book the day before where at all possible for morning pick up the following day

Drop Home – For same day drop home bookings, please request drop home before 3pm that day.  Latest drop home possible is usually 5pm, depending on the business of the day’s booking schedule

*Please note that specific drop home or pick up times are not usually possible, however our driver may be able to give you a window of time if you need to be at home. To avoid the hassle, please provide a spare key