A stroll in any of the local parks of Sydney’s eastern suburbs will mark some noticeable changes in the fashion of dog breeds. Not only are there are new faces popping up for aesthetic reasons, but our top 4 fashionable dog breeds of the last year are more than ever suited to apartment living and our new busier lifestyles. Here are the top most popular on trend dog breeds famous in the East and greater Sydney and the run down on the up and downsides of the breed

1- French Bulldog

This vivacious little go getter is a pocket rocket and will have you rolling with laughter with their entertaining antics. Known for their stocky stature, expressive faces and oversized pointy ears, the French bulldog was originally bred as a sporting dog in bull bating (hence the name), but after 1800 in England it was bred for a more relaxed temperament as a companion dog. Their feisty and playful nature still remains to this day, and you will likely have a fun and playful pet for life.

Energy– Varies from highly to moderately energetic depending on the individual

Activity– Very playful, enjoys running, playing with toys, dog sports

Temperament- Fun loving, vivacious and stubborn at times

Trainability –Moderate(  most are food motivated)

Social Interaction– Loves rumbling with other dogs and playing games with people, social outings of all kinds and one on one time too. Highly suitable to dog daycare and group dog activities alike

Lifestyle– Owners with apartments will find these dogs easy to manage as long as they have plenty of outside time and stimulation. Families with young children should take care as these little cannon balls may knock toddlers flying with their energetic antics. They also enjoy playing rough and don’t realise quite how much of a punch they pack so take care around little ones!

As a Puppy– Early socialisation and puppy school will help

Health Concerns– Inability to regulate body heat which must be monitored and catered to at all times, difficulty breathing at times due to compacted airways (snub nose), luxating Patella (knee joint) issues that may require correctional surgery, Gastrointestinal Issues


This designer crossbreed of the Toy or Miniature Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is truly having its heyday right now. Known for its sweet looks, super friendly attitude and non- shedding hair, this little heartbreaker is an obvious winner around Sydney’s parks in the last few years. With the looks of a tiny teddy bear, soft fluffy coat and perky personality, it’s not hard to see why.  This cross breed is a successful mix of the intelligent and eager to please poodle and the dreamboat lapdog spaniel

Energy– High to Moderate depending on the individual

Activity– Very playful with dogs and humans alike, enjoys playing with toys and training

Trainability– Very easy due to their human oriented personality (they aim to please!)
Social Interaction- Love gentle play with dogs of similar sizes or larger dogs who can adapt to the cavoodle’s small stature in term of play. Very human oriented and will likely accost every person you pass on the street

Lifestyle– Very social dogs so they would benefit from a variety of activities, including human interaction. If you work a lot, some time working from home may be ideal as the cavoodle can crave human companionship. Alternately doggy daycare or group dog activities are an excellent option. These dogs are suited to all types of families, including those with children (they love kids) and are happy living in apartments as long as activities and enrichment are provided

As a Puppy- Sometimes shy at first, usually outgoing and friendly. Very sweet, curious and inquisitive. Friendly and easy going

Health Concerns– Congenital Heart Problems, Luxating Patellas, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (usually DNA tested in dogs of sound breeding)

3-Miniature Daschund

This curious little characterture of a dog is a highly popular choice, and is especially addictive to owners (you often see them in pairs). Known for their long, slender bodies and short legs, this feisty little pure bred was shrunk down in size from a scent hound originally developed for flushing badgers out of their burrows!

Energy– Usually high but occasionally low depending on the individual

Activity– Young Mini Daschunds can be quite playful and many will enjoy walks daily with lots of relaxation time in between. They have been known to chase small animals and birds or obsessively play fetch

Trainability– Moderate- The Mini Daschund can be quite stubborn and determined and at times hard to train. They are a big headstrong dog in a very little body

Social Interaction- Daschunds are often mistrustful of people and other dogs they are unfamiliar with. It is important to introduce early socialisation and puppy training to help combat this natural tendency. Believe it or not but the sausage dog is statistically the breed most likely to bite a stranger!

Lifestyle– this breed requires an owner who is familiar with the needs of the breed, and can spend some time with them. They are not recommended for families with young children unless the children are older or taught to play very gently as the Daschund can become fearful and aggressive if teased or played with too roughly. The mini daschund is suited to apartment living, but remember those tiny little legs have trouble if there are a lot of stirs in your building!

As a Puppy– Very playful and full of beans. Your pup will need early and persistent training to keep them mentally stimulated. Socialise early an often with compatible dogs

Health Concerns- Luxating Patella, Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bone Diease- usually seen in the long haired variety), Spinal problems due to elongated back with the propensity for spinal injuries caused by jumping, excessive weight gain or intense exercise

4-Boston Terrier

This spunky little breed is a million miles an hour and a joy to be around! Hilariously entertaining, good looking, pocket sized and always ready for adventure- it’s easy to see why this winning personality is on every park corner. This happy go lucky pooch is a companion dog bred down from fighting dogs of the bull terrier types and although sometimes stubborn, a sweet and adorable playmate.

Energy- generally high energy, particularly for the first few years

Activity– Bostons crave adventures of all types, sports, activities and interaction with dogs of all sizes. They can be agile sprinters too and love to chase toys

Trainability– Usually easy, Bostons are intelligent dogs that enjoy a challenge. They are able to easily learn tricks as well as everyday commands

Social Interaction– Bostons love other dogs and crave companionship. They also enjoy the company of most people and will naturally be friendly with them on introduction. Puppy school is a great tool to help these pocket rockets channel their energy and reward their need for stimulation and early socialisation

Lifestyle– The Boston would best suit a family who love including their dog in all kinds of activities and have time for daily exercise. As a keen sprinter, access to a fair sized yard or off leash park is a must for this little go-getter. They are almost silent (non barking) dogs so are suited to apartment living with families of all kinds, including ones with children

As a Puppy– 100 miles an hour, bouncy and energetic. These puppies will play until they drop

Health– Luxating patella, cataracts, allergies (diet and environmental), heart murmur and mast cell tumours. Bostons are also prone to gastrointestinal sensitivity


Thanks for reading up on Sydney’s hot new breeds. Check in with us again and give your pup a kiss from me X

Lolly – Happy Paws Fitness Co-Manager, Resident Vet Nurse and Dog Blogger




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