Julia Ward

As the owner and manager of Happy Paws Fitness, Julia understands far too well the challenges that her customers face in terms of dog ownership.  Julia is the proud mother of a charming little pug called Lord Dudley (or just Dudley for short) (and yes, he was named after the famous Woollahra drinking establishment).

For many years, Julia “burnt the candle at both ends” in the corporate world and was constantly trying to find ways to ensure that her little boy was looked after and entertained during the day while she was at work.  Having grown up with King Charles Cavaliers and Jack Russells as a child, Julia was keen to ensure that her busy adult working life didn’t preclude her from the joys of pet ownership that she had experienced growing up.

In fact, dog ownership as an adult had such a profound impact on Julia that she decided to leave the world of investment banking behind to pursue a career in pet care.  This is fitting really given that whenever people would ask Julia: “if you had your time all over again, what would you have done?” her response would always be: “I would have been a vet or chosen a career path involving animals”.

You can find Julia in the facility each day either spending time with all the pooches and felines that she now considers family, completing all the never-ending paperwork or studying for her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services.



* Julia is pictured with her own furbaby, Dudley- the amiable pug